The AirFly Pro
The AirFly Pro

Bluetooth is near ubiquitous these days, however there are still an annoying amount of items that don’t have it.

Some common examples are TV’s, in-flight entertainment on planes, most modern record players and gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

Those situations are what the AirFly Pro by twelvesouth  is aimed at.  This small Bluetooth dongle can add receiving or transmitting abilities to any device with a headphone socket.

It has a recommended retail price of $89 and there are three other versions with the classic starting at 74.95. The classic version is a transmitter only.  This Pro version and a AirFly Duo can have two Bluetooth headphones connected at the same time. Handy for the kids in the back seat!

The device comes with a USB to USB-C charging cable and a small carry pouch.  You charge the device using the supplied cable.  It is important to note that you can not use power brick USB cables like your Macbook Pro cable, as they are not suitable for the device.  We are seeing more and more devices charging this way, so I actually have BOSE headphones and Harman/Kardon Neo speakers that charge the same way and a few of the cables hanging around now.

Battery life is estimated at around 20 hours.

AirFly Pro connected to a Nintendo Switch
AirFly Pro connected to a Nintendo Switch

My primary use case was really aimed at the Nintendo Switch.  For reasons I have never quite understood, the Switch does not ship with a Bluetooth ability.  Slightly behind that was being able to use my Bluetooth Headphones with the TV.

In normal times I do a fair bit of travel so I also see it being handy for that, though of course in Australia there is more a trend to using your own device on the plane rather than the inbuilt entertainment system.

There is no great rocket science in using the device.  Set it to transmit or receive via a switch on the side.  Then connect it via the headphone socket on the device as you can see below.

From there, put your Bluetooth headphones or speakers into pairing mode.  An Important note for AirPods is they must be in the Closed case for pairing.

An iPod pumping out Bluetooth Tunes
An iPod pumping out Bluetooth Tunes

I did find one other use case and managed to get an old iPod Video fired up and was able to listen to it on my Bluetooth headphones.

Also I was able to get my old iPod Hi-Fi working as a Bluetooth speaker giving the old device a new lease of life.

Overall I am finding it a very handy little device but clearly my use is far more on the transmitter side of the device.  It isn’t anything earth shattering but I feel like it is good value for money.