Apple TV and Apple TV+
The Apple TV and Apple TV+

The start of a new year is also a time Apple pundits try and look ahead at what Apple might release in the year ahead.

One item that is getting some airtime of late it a new Apple TV.  According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new box will see a chip upgrade and a bigger focus on gaming along with a new processor.  All of that makes sense and of course with Apple now fully invested in its own silicon, seeing one of their new iOS chips going in makes sense and is no big guess.

With the likely announcement of the first Apple Silicon Mac just weeks away, I keep wishing for one feature I know we are not likely to see in the new Mac.
The Touch Bar doesn't cut it
The Touch Bar Doesn't cut it
I would love it to include a touchscreen. Yes, I know Apple has said many times that it doesn’t believe touch screens and laptops work.
However, having used both Windows and Chromebooks with touchscreens, I have to disagree.
In the age of touchscreens on phones and tablets, most people are now attuned to clicking on the screen.

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The AirFly Pro
The AirFly Pro

Bluetooth is near ubiquitous these days, however there are still an annoying amount of items that don’t have it.

Some common examples are TV’s, in-flight entertainment on planes, most modern record players and gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch.