At their virtual event overnight, Apple announced a suite of new devices in the iPad, Apple Watch and services line.

Apple Watch Series 6 Seonsor

As expected there were no new Macs or iPhone announcements at this event.  So we can expect at least one if not two more events before the end of the year.

Apple Marina Bay Sands

We have recently seen the unveiling of the stunning new Apple Marina Bay Sands store in Singapore. The sphere glass structure looks to be floating on the water from certain angles.

Whilst admiring the architectural marvel, I couldn’t  help but think will we ever see an official Apple flagship store in Melbourne?  Now I know we nearly had one at Federation Square but as we will discuss shortly that seemingly always faced an uphill battle.

With an event this week at 3.00 a.m. On Wednesday the 16th  September, Apple is likely heading into a very busy end of the year. Whilst this time of year is normally very much all about iPhone, as with so much of 2020 things are very different this year.

Instead of an iPhone event, the focus of the rumour sites is that the event this week will be focused on some iPad updates and likely a 6th version of the Apple Watch.