With the likely announcement of the first Apple Silicon Mac just weeks away, I keep wishing for one feature I know we are not likely to see in the new Mac.
The Touch Bar doesn't cut it
The Touch Bar Doesn't cut it
I would love it to include a touchscreen. Yes, I know Apple has said many times that it doesn’t believe touch screens and laptops work.
However, having used both Windows and Chromebooks with touchscreens, I have to disagree.
In the age of touchscreens on phones and tablets, most people are now attuned to clicking on the screen.
In fact, if you look closely at most people’s MacBook Air or MacBook Pro you will likely see fingerprints on the screens. This is a sure sign that for many users it is now natural to simply reach out and touch the screen.
Apple did try and offer users something with a Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro lineup, but certainyl for me I find that of very little use.
Now of course this all might cause a few issues between the MacBook and iPad teams. A touchscreen MacBook in the lower end of the price range would be in direct competition with the iPad Pro.
Even now for a large number of users it is hard to choose if they should get an iPad Pro for their day-to-day computing or say MacBook Air.
There are some clear choices however given one runs OSX and one runs iPad OS. The choice will often come down to software needs and if iPad OS has an application to complete the task.
If like me you have both a MacBook and an iPad, you likely know that you spend the most time on the iPad. There are some specific tasks though where I still go to the MacBook Pro, but that is becoming less and less.
Typing longer articles or emails, still seems easier on a full-sized keyboard. Even there though now the iPad Pro and iPad Air can use the Apple Magic or smart keyboard, along with a host of third-party options.
Whilst I have a keyboard on my iPad, I still find the keyboard on the MacBook Pro a better option.
So, for me a low-priced MacBook with Apple silicon and a touchscreen would likely be a marriage made in heaven.
I would still have the computing power of a laptop and the convenience of touchscreen.
There is also the possibility that an Apple Silicon Mac could run iOS apps. Again, it should be noted given the likely impact on iPad sales that would be highly unlikely out of the box. Given Apple Silicon powers both though, Apple likely could.

Whilst I admit it is highly unlikely, I for one hope if not now that at some stage Apple sees the light and provides users with at least one MacBook with a touchscreen.

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