Apple TV and Apple TV+
The Apple TV and Apple TV+

The start of a new year is also a time Apple pundits try and look ahead at what Apple might release in the year ahead.

One item that is getting some airtime of late it a new Apple TV.  According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new box will see a chip upgrade and a bigger focus on gaming along with a new processor.  All of that makes sense and of course with Apple now fully invested in its own silicon, seeing one of their new iOS chips going in makes sense and is no big guess.

However, I find myself wondering, do we even need a physical box anymore for Apple TV?

I have the Apple TV+ app on my Xbox and a number of smart TV’s from the likes of LG, Samsung and Sony now have access to the App.  Roku boxes and really all that is missing is it being made available on the Google Chromecast.  Just on that I love my Google Chromecast with Google TV and use that more than my Apple TV.

As a result, I find myself less and less reaching for the Apple TV remote, when I can find the elusive slippery little thing and instead just launching the app on the Xbox One.   That remote is also something that needs to be changed, one of the reasons I use the Chromecast so much is the remote itself that so much easier and enjoyable to use.  I also like the interface a little bit more than the Apple TV, though that might be splitting hairs in the end.

The one thing that might change that would gaming potentially but of course I already have a console and really nothing in the Apple arcade has me yearning to play them on my TV.  Steaming game services however might change that and get me more interested.

Whilst a personal thing I also tend to spend more time on my switch than even the Xbox so increasingly my gaming isn’t about the big TV anyway.  Even my MacBook Air M1 playing Lara Croft on Steam is often my other default gaming.

Even then there would be some issues here in Australia, where for example Stadia is not offered and anyway, I can get that on my Chromecast built into the TV most likely.

So, with all that in mind, I think Apple should give up the hobby that is Apple TV and just focus on rolling the Apple TV+ app out wider.  They can focus on the content and be agnostic about what platform you chose to watch it on.

Content wise I am not one of the haters, we have enjoyed quite a few of the shows and I have no doubt they will have some great stuff coming down the pipeline on that front.

I am sure when they do launch the new box, expected early this year, it will be nice and have nice specs but for once I don’t think I will be in the line to buy one.