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Nvidia pays US$40b to take ARM off Softbank’s hands

A large technology sale that's on more solid ground is Nvidia officially announcing the purchase of ARM from Softbank's Vision Fund. The deal is a combo of cash & Nvidia shares worth a lazy US$40b and for the time being at least, keeps ARM's R&D in the UK with Nvidia "investing in a state-of-the-art, Arm-powered AI supercomputer, training facilities for developers and a startup incubator". Nvidia's press release proclaims the amazing synergy of "NVIDIA, the leading AI computing company, and Arm, the world's most popular computing platform" that will "turbocharge Arm's roadmap pace and accelerate data center, edge AI, and IoT opportunities". Serve The Home has a great overview of what this means for Nvidia's business. Buying ARM is all about making Nvidia the king of the datacenter as more and more stuff moves to the cloud.

This week we saw the launch of two new iPads being the entry level iPad and the iPad Air.  Both saw a significant jump in their purported power with new Apple Silicon chips with the A12 and A14 Bionic respectively. 

the new iPad Air in Sky blue
The new iPad Air in Sky blue 

However much of the discussion since the event has been on the perceived power that the iPad Air now delivers, in particular compared to the recently refreshed iPad Pro line-up.