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Getting back into Model railways

3 months 4 weeks ago #28 by Macnat
Call it a mid life crisis if you like but for Xmas I got a model train set. Not just any model train set but a Harry Potter Hogwarts express.

Have to say I love it, have added extra tracks and even a cheap second train to make it more interesting.

Currently on the dining table but plans to move it to a more permanent location where I can really set about designing the layout.

As a start have already added some elevated track and a couple of tunnels, which were a quick cheap way to make the layout a bit more interesting.

As a geek there is just so much to the hobby and lots of ways it could go. Has to be said though not all that cheap a hobby and suspect 2nd hand eBay will be getting a work out.

For a start there is the more standard DC controller but you can hand over some serious cash for a digital DCC controller. That would give the ability to control each train independent and open up sounds etc on trains. Of course DCC trains are more expensive but a lot DC ones can be upgraded via a chip.

Having a young child around to share it with is also fun.

Anyway a pleasant change away from the screens all the time and lots of planning fun lies ahead.

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